0103 Analysis

Analysis Categories:
A. Region Sensed Within/Including the Boundary of the Skin
B. Region Sensed Beyond the Boundary of the Skin
C. Movement Qualities Sensed
D. Other Qualities Sensed

E. Thought/Abstract words sensed

0103A 0103B

A. Region Sensed Within/Including the Boundary of the Skin
Phase 1

– inside of my chest… fleshy bits inside
– on the inside… just a little point of something
– really middle… I don’t feel it in my back… more in the front… it stays like really inside the rib cage
– my chest and then this kind of thing inside… yellowy, shiny… it’s yellow, like light thing.
– torso area
– my skin
– back-shoulder, not in the head
– throughout [my body]

phase 2

– contact where 0103B… grabbed me [leg regions] – my arms
-the areas [of my body] that were touching her [arms, chest]
– already there [back-shoulder]

phase 3

– my mind

– my head

– disconnects me from my body [*fn]

– my brain

– less clear where my body is in a way, and how I can move it. [*fn]

– on the inside… midline

– both of our bodies

– head

– [in neck and head]… through my shoulders. And kind of on the backside… muscle

– back and shoulders and neck and head


phase 4


B. Description of Region Sensed Beyond the Boundary of the Skin
phase 1

– I remember [0103B’s approach] fast and playful… the chest really approaching… a lot of energy, a bit chaotic, child-like… arms just… following – feeling of [shwooush]. It was definitely in front of me
– feeling [edit:name what i was feeling here] a bit.. past my skin too

C. Description of Movement Qualities Sensed

– calm, flowy… not super physical…like, “ah.”…super simple…really easy and really nice and soft
– sinking and melting…at the same time a bit of a spreading of energy…it kind of like melts
– like, “ahhh”…finds space…
– it goes a bit with the breath; that it moves also. Up and down…spread also
– like stuck between
– And then nothing happened and it was just kind of frozen.
– wanting to go with it is like…still very calm
– scanning…whole system for options…trying to be open…soft and calm and more investigating
– not wanting is very like rigid…suddenly very closed off…a bit more panicky
– can’t think clearly …a kind of chaos
– something bouncing all the way around …feels like there’s so many things…super fast and also like more things at the same time…
-my energy before…I was very happy for it to come out… suddenly like, “no.”… it was more an internal closing than a physical one…
– …how does it close?
– …everything more to the midline…
very much like a pull… torso area. Not in a sense from her but…as though water’s going this way. Like following…a feeling of being magnetized in that direction
– tingly …some sparkles…real light. Not any thing significant
– subtle…tension
– “burrrrrrrrrdhg, burrrrrrrrdhg, burrrrrrrrrrdhg!!”…it was definitely upward but more like a trampoline. You also have to go down but the big action is upward
– listening command had already been ignited

D. Description of Other Qualities Sensed

– image of my chest and then this kind of thing inside that’s more like yellowy, shiny…yeah, it’s yellow-like light thing.
– you…caught me in a way, with a lot of energy.
– took me by surprise
– I need to go with it, I need to do something with this. But I was like, “but I actually don’t really want to.”… I was, “aghhhhhh”… panic of like, “augh”… little bit of surprise feeling…
– just one thought that’s like, “no, no, no, no, no.” that kind of takes everything over …don’t allow anything else to come up and it becomes very like this panic where all clarity is gone…a bit like, “dagh.”
myself going, “Oh, we’re going…”
– some “yea-nugh” information.