2 current works:

And Maybe in the End Our Intuition Does Not Even Belong to Us”
This piece is an exploration of intuition and the **Enactive Approach through words and improvisatory dance. Apx 25 min.
Trailer. Video CLIP 1
CLIP 2 (with text in notes.)

Dissonant Flow”
This dance investigates the question “how is it when moments of confusion are considered as a type of flow?” (Derived from a longer writing “Dissonant Flow.”) Apx 7 min.
Video CLIP 1

** the enactive approach “aims to capture the underlying relations between the rational, the emotional, the self, the relational, the mind, the body, and experience” (De Jaegher 2013b, 22)


Perhaps there is more sense in our nonsense and more nonsense in our ‘sense’ than we would care to believe.” (David Bohm)

“Experience is suffused with spontaneous pre-understanding…pre-understanding itself must be examined since it is unclear what kind of knowledge it represents….”. “…Reason is what occurs at the very last stage of the moment-to-moment emergence… fundamentally something that arises out of the affective tonality…embedded in the body…It starts out from this soup.” (Francisco Varela)

I have a hunch that by investigating sensation-stirrings, which are continually shifting within us, we can gain greater understanding in how we make sense of the world and with one another.

To this end I hold somatic movement research sessions with small groups (more about my method below.) Following these workshops I interview participants individually, about their sensation-based experience (based on the Elicitation/Micro-Phenomenological approach).

The interview seeks to cull out the qualities, descriptions, adjectives, metaphors that relate to the experience of feeling “nervous” for example, or feeling “unsure” or “surprised”, etc. It is an investigation of the implicit “soup” of experience; it is an investigation into – what can be felt of the continuously unfolding act of making sense in the world?

Examples of Research Interviews.
Playlist available on Youtube, here.


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