erinbellErin Christine Bell  – erinchristinebell[AT]gmail.com                                                   

Erin is interested in the strength of exposed vulnerabilities. And humor. She creates work from a deep curiosity in humanity, in life. Thus, her work is always socially engaged. She is interested in all sorts of movement and aesthetics but is especially drawn to the awkward and ‘folk’.

Ms Bell is enamored with the vitality of improvisation, in all modalities. She is transfixed with the kinds of knowledge which our bodies hold. She finds that we are constantly shaping and being shaped by the beings and objects surrounding us. With this, she roots her work in awareness practices. She frequently leads somatic movement classes. She is interested in artistic integrity + work created with both trained and untrained performers.

She has worked with countless, astounding artists in professional and ‘underground’ contexts in New Orleans, Brooklyn, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bread and Puppet Theater (US), as well as working internationally (Puerto Rico, Germany, Canada, Palestine, Greece + Slovenia) – creating music, theater, dance, puppet shows, video, and creations which do not quite fit into a genre.



















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