Somatic Movement Workshops

Relational Awareness : Through directed exercises and experiments you will work to investigate your own self – and yourself in relation with others.
These practices foster emotional regulation skills, emotional intelligence skills, + foster good relating with other people and all of nature.

We do exercises to foster learning about the terrain of your sensations – to alter stress, find new-or-forgotten ways to move, develop your ability to listen to yourself, develop your skills in listening to others, and to expand your creativity and capacity for connection + communication in every day movement and in all of life.

At the kernel of this class you will be working with paying attention – to the quiet, subtle, internal. The work is similar to or informed by: martial arts, contemporary dance, theater practice, superhero powers, ‘Jedi’ mind, meditation, and many, many traditional practices found throughout the world.

You will work hard. And probably laugh. You will talk very little. You will do solo work and work in duos, or as a group. You can always observe or chose not to participate if you do not feel comfortable with a particular exercise.

Classes are designed for everyone – suited to all shapes, mobility and experience. All classes work with similar elements. Please see Relational Awareness for more detailed descriptions.

Read what other participants have to say on google reviews.

Somatic approaches emphasize sensory awareness (paying attention to sensing)…in somatics, kinesthetic awareness functions largely as a potent agent of change – a powerful means of altering habit…Just as the mind organizes the rest of the body’s tissues into a life process, sensations to a large degree organize the mind. They do not simply give the mind material to organize; they are themselves a major organizing principle.” – Glenna Batson

“…experience never shows up apart from our being embodied and situated in the world.” – Evan Thompson.

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