Performance + Video

Two-Part Series: For HSP, Autistic People, & Anyone Interested (2020) –
After Social Care
Digesting Social Time

Performance clips from 2018
And Maybe in the End Our Intuition Does Not Even Belong to Us” – This piece is an exploration of intuition. Video CLIP 1/CLIP 2

Dissonant Flow” This dance investigates the question “how is it when moments of confusion are considered as a type of flow?” (Derived from a longer writing “Dissonant Flow.”) Video CLIP 1

2017 – An Ordinary Dance – Video Collage.
This explores paid work, self identity and ideologies of the USA culture I grew up in.

2014-2016 – Video Series: Sanguine. Click each photo for respective video link.
Sanguine. - vol. I no. 1 - "not-knowing";well-fedescessively-gentleresumeSanguine - vol. I no. 6 - Impatient "I6.Impatient"Sanguine - vol. I no. 6 - Impatient "I6.Impatient"

Sanguine - vol. II no. 1 - "High Self-Esteem Can Result in Problems as Well."Sanguine - vol. II no. 2 - "We Are Risin' with the Tide."."










The Under Five Feet of Snow Two Feet Left Dance Research Residency. US – 2014.
Movement Research at ISLO. Finland – 2015



Las Semillas – 2014 -Erin Bell and Maryann Colella with Jesús Vázquez.

pardise1jesusvazquez lassemillas39maryannjesuserinparadise 2







Do Right Belly Fire, Do Right Monkey Brain – 2012
Look, a comicbook version, free for you! You can also find this in Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf. Text is mostly from Pema Chödrön, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari (Anti-Oedipus.)

Custom Puppet. Thick stock paper with cardboard-hinged rods. Prices vary, starting at $20. Contact thebestiarybell@gmail.commountaindogsandbabies562493_132278626908436_601962464_n2012. Found Material.2012. Found Material.







Bread and Puppet Theater – 2012 – 2014
Located in Glover, Vermont. Founded in 1963 by Peter Schumann in the Lower East Side of NYC.









Rural Academy Theater – 2012
Horse-pulled theater located in Burgaw, North Carolina.










New York, So Friendly. – 2005. Created as a thank you card for the extraordinary generosity shown to me after hurricane Katrina. Written and directed by erin bell. Special thanks for filming to Shan Raoufi and Bruno Soria.

The Subsequent Delicacies of Fortitude and Patience – 2004. Written and directed by erin bell. Starring Billy Schultz, Miles Britton and Jack-a-Lope.