I teach Performance Workshops and Sensing and Integrating Mind-Body Connections Thru Movement.
In the performance workshop I work with a group of trained and/or untrained participants to create original, devised work. The workshop can include somatic movement practice, theme/text development from both personal interests of participants, world and local events, vocal work, use and making of objects for stage (props, puppets, masks), a broad range of theater and dance/choreographic and improvisatory exercises. Usually this workshop culminates in a public performance; sometimes the work is simply for development of practice. Versions of the workshop are able to be given in a 2 day framework to a 1 month workshop.
The Sensing and Integrating Movement work is extremely applicable to theater and dance makers. A developed description of this workshop can be found here.

Playback Group – Athens, Greece – Mind-Body Movement + Vocal Workshop – 2017
Derida Dance Center – Sofia, Bulgaria – Mind-Body Movement Workshop – 2017
Ana Monro Theater – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Mind-Body Movement Workshop – 2017
SUGLA – Ana Monro Theater – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Performance Workshop – 2017
New Orleans LA, USA – Mind-Body Movement Workshop – 2017
Art Residency – Artist’s Asylum – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Performance Workshop – 2016 – Not All Roads Lead to Rome – VIDEO below.
Joensuu, Finland – Performance Workshop in Public Spaces – 2015
Bread+Puppet Theater‘s Lubberland National Dance Co. – Glover VT, USA – Performance Workshop – 2014