Performance Workshops

In the performance workshop I work with a group of trained and/or untrained performers to create original, devised work. The workshop can include somatic movement practice, theme/text development from both personal interests of participants, world and local events, vocal work, use and making of objects for stage (props, puppets, masks), a broad range of theater and dance/choreographic and improvisatory exercises. Usually this workshop culminates in a public performance; sometimes the work is simply for development of practice. Versions of the workshop are able to be given in a 2 day framework to a 1 month workshop.

2016 – Not All Roads Lead to Rome: A Performance Workshop in Residency at Artists’ Asylum Azil – Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Choreography: A performance about migration in hope of a better life – from causes of war, political suppression, economic poverty, and a desire to nourish ones soul. Why are we on which road and what do we hope to find there? Who will be left when we go? Text based on interviews with participants and refugees from the US, Slovenia and Iran. Music in trailer only by Frank London.